I’m an islander now~

I’m an islander now~

Went cliff diving today in Waimea Bay, Hi :D


Sleeping in the Norwegian Fjell by Peter Przybille on Flickr.


In a little over 24 hours I’m traveling to Hawaii with my lovely girlfriend and her family (her mom and lil sis). I told my mom a while back about going on this trip and she just assumed she would pay… Like as if I would agree to go on a trip without paying for it. I told her I was covering it in my travel fund I have set aside, and she insisted on giving me $400 for vacation spending, with the advice to “have fun, don’t give me the change.”
My mom is the best. My girlfriend is the best. I have these little families: my mom and her bf, my gf and her sis and mom/dad, my dad and my brother, and then my lil lacrosse family here at sdsu. We recently graduated 4/7 girls at my house, replacing them with 3 new girls (still from my lax team). I’m looking forward to this next year because I like the three new girls and I’m ready for a change. And my girlfriend is going to go from ~14 miles away to biking distance next month :D I am so excited to have her at state with me! She’s going to make my (seemingly never-ending) experience at sdsu so much better!

My life recently has been given so many rewards for what I hope are good choices. I just hope I can concentrate this semester with so many great people that will be in my life soon! :D

Work and then pride for a few hours
Really good weed
100% would recommend

SD pride was awesome! Pregamed hard before, got lucky with free parking, and picked up tons of free goodies! Day well spent :)